The EASTMAN Freenet, like any freenet, would not exist without the generous donations of corporations, associations and individuals. We would like to thank the following groups for their donations:

Current Supporters:

Agassiz Continuing Education

Warren D. Besel

Current Sponsors (1998-99):

To get your company name here, contact Rob Murray at 753-8439, or at

Current Donors (1998-99):

To get your company name here, contact Rob Murray at 753-8439, or at

Past Sponsors:
Past Donors:

Many individuals or families have contributed financially to the success of the FreeNet. We thank them for their donations, the FreeNet could not operate without them. If we don't hear otherwise, we will list all individuals who donate on this page. If you prefer you donation to remain anonymous please send and e-mail message to


Like donors, the freenet cannot exist without the assistance of many volunteers. Although there are many volunteers associated with the creation of the freenet, there are always a core group that should be recognized. Here are the volunteers that come to mind - we know we have missed some:

Current Volunteers
John Ehinger (system operator)
Gil Godin
Dave Hnatiw
Dennis Parcey
Rob Murray (chair)
Michael Reid (board member)
John F. Walker (secretary & treasurer)
Donna Warenko

Past Volunteers
Tim Fast
Doug Gehon
Terry Bentley
Larry Gadallah
Peter Chernis
Emile Talbot
Marilyn Ruta
Greg Gowryluk
Jeff Hodge
Eric Lidquist
Budd Mager
Hilton Wright
and many others.