Who can use the FreeNet?

Anyone! Public access terminals are available in the Beausejour, Pinawa and Lac du Bonnet Public Libraries. There are also public access sites at Empower School in Pine Falls and the Eastman Regional Development Corporation offices in Beausejour. You can also use your home computer with a modem to dial into FreeNet at 345-1550.

I'm not registered-can I test drive?

Yes, Login as a guest using the password %Guest.

Is it really "free"?

Yes, but..... FreeNet is free to its users. It does not pay for the information it offers nor does it charge for its basic services. Now the but... The cost of running a FreeNet is substantial. The FreeNet depends on your donations. We suggest a donation of $60 per year.

How can it afford to exist?

FreeNet relies on donations from individuals and businesses. Government grants are a second source of funds.

Is the information only local?

No, FreeNet provides people with interactive, 24-hour-a-day information services. Each community will input information to maintain local awareness, and there will be access to all FreeNets within Manitoba and many elsewhere in the world. We hope various local, provincial and federal sources will provide information to our users.

What information can I get from the FreeNet?

You will be able to review information about Sports, Entertainment, Theatre, News, Music, Trivia, Health, Gardening, Hobbies, Libraries, Education, Business, Technology, Science, Government, and Law. The list is vast, and will expand with user contributions. The information available depends on user input and community interest.

Can I use the FreeNet for Business Purposes?

Like the radio, community service announcements can be placed on the FreeNet free. However, advertising commercial products and services requires the payment of a fee. Please contact Rob Murray, Chairman, Eastman Community Computing Inc. at (204) 753-8439.

Do I get full Internet access through the FreeNet?

No, Full Internet connection implies individual internet addresses for each home computer used. The FreeNet does not have sufficient resources to act as a full Internet provider. If you are interested in full Internet access on a pay for use basis, see our ISP page for a list of Internet Service Providers in the region.

Can I use E-Mail with FreeNet?

Yes, All registered users of FreeNet will receive a unique electronic mail address, providing worldwide service through the Internet.

If FreeNet English only?

Most existing Freenets are English only, but support for other languages can be provided if an interested group emerges and resources can be obtained.

What if I don't know anything about computers?

No computer knowledge is required to access FreeNet on public terminals. Assistance in using your home computer will be available from many FreeNet volunteers, contact a board member for more information.. As well, Agassiz Continuing Education offers many courses in computers.

Who can I call for more information?

The Eastman freenet board currently has four members. If you are interested in volunteering for the board, contact the chairman, listed below. Here is the Eastman Freenet Board: