General Information About Freenets:

FreeNet Overview

FreeNets are grassroots efforts to provide networking services to communities, with access either at public libraries or by dialing in. It's also possible to access FreeNets through the Internet. Free-Nets are usually organized around a model town that you "walk" through. You can stop at the "courthouse and government center" and discuss local issues with the mayor. Or you could stop by the "medical arts building" and discuss health issues with a health professional. Aside from discussions, there are usually bulletin boards, electronic mail, and other information services.

There are real hidden gem resources on some FreeNets. Anyone can use a FreeNet as a guest, but guest privileges are limited; for example, you can't use email and a few other things. You can get further privileges by registering; we suggest a $60 donation per year to get an account with the Eastman Freenet. The Eastman Freenet relies heavily on volunteer efforts and on donations from its users. When you log in as a guest, you'll probably see a message telling you how to get registration information.


The Eastman Freenet went public on February 24, 1994. I am sure that we will incur our share of growing pains so please bear with us; after all we are all volunteers trying to serve the needs of our community.

The EASTMAN FreeNet services the rural communities in Eastern Manitoba,Canada. Some of the towns and villages included in this area are: Beausejour, Whitemouth, Pinawa, Lac du Bonnet, Pine Falls, Point du Bois, and other smaller hamlets.