FreeNet login policy

During prime system operating hours - Weekdays 4PM to Midnight and 10 AM to Midnight on Weekends - dial-in sessions should be limited to 1 session per day 1 hour per session. This does not include short 5 to 10 minute sessions required to check mail. [Note: To keep online time to a minimum, if you are creating a mail message, create it using an editor such as Notepad then sign on to the freenet and copy it from Notepad, and then paste it into the mail message and send it]

Currently, three users can dial in to the Freenet at the same time. We have a 3 - line rotary (345-1550) which costs $80 per month per line.

If any member wishes more time or TCP/IP (full Internet access), see our Local ISP webpage for a list of local Internet Service Providers.

Users accessing our system via Interent telnet, ftp and browser applications can use the Freenet for more than 1 hour a day, but should keep in mind that our server is only hooked up to the Internet at 33,600 baud, meaning our transfer rate is about 3.5 kilobytes per second (ie, you can upload or download 1 MB in about 5 minutes at full speed, if you are the only one using the Freenet).

-John Ehinger, System Administrator, EASTMAN FreeNet

-January, 1999