About Post Office

The electronic mail (E-mail) function is now available for registered users. You will be using the Pine Mail Software which was developed specifically for Internet mail users by the the University of Washington. We think that you will find it quite easy to use and there is online help available. One point to note though - when you are composing mail and see the little hat symbol ^ in front of the character, it means to hold don't the CTRL key and press the letter.

You can now send Email next door or around the world and its all included in the price of your donation(s) to become a registered freenet member.

There are a few limitations with the freenet mail service.

You cannot save email to your PC
Workaround - Cut from the email, minimize the screen, open notepad or some other editor and do a paste. Minimize this screen and go back to the email to get the next page and so on. This is tedious for a long mail message, but it works.
You cannot include PC files as attachments to your Email
Workaround - use the above process except cut from PC and Past to email.

Those of you that do a lot of emailing that require saving and attaching PC files to/from Email should consider upgrading to full Internet access. Full Internet access is available from us and provides you with much enhanced email and access to the full graphics capability of the 'Net!